calc carbCalc carb is made from oyster shell, fixed, immobile, innactive. It is the major psoric remedy and it is a major polycrest. This is a very slow acting and a very deep remedy. Calcium is essential for brain development. The traditional homeopathic sequence of sulphur, calc carb, lycopodium follows the sequence or re-enactment of evolution.

SRP* strange, rare and peculiar symptom of coldness in the diseased part.

Calcs may appear to be simpletons but they have a very specific intelligence, they may pause before answering or be slow to answer, weep when telling symptoms, offer passive resistance, suffer autism, be obstinate with fixed ideas and fear of specific things, such as the phone, ladybirds or nuclear war, or suffer many unspecified fears, and they fear insanity, loosing control under stress and they may give up on prosperity or success as a result even though they suffer from a fear of poverty and are insecure. They fear death, dark, ghosts, they may see grinning faces or horrible forms when closing their eyes, they fear the supernatural, cruelty, injustice, and they are impressionable and dread upset routines and strange surroundings. They are fearful and vulnerable especially of small things, germs, contagion, disease, heights. They will put things off for ages, but progress well with tasks when started. They are very consciencious and may excell at one subject and be poor at others, they are slow to mature and may well be aged 40-50 before they settle to their occupation. They are often slow, forgetful, depressed, anxious, worriers and suffer from cold feet mentally and literally. They may have no awareness of time. They may focus on small insignificant things. They hate being the centre of attention or being looked at. When healthy, calcs are reliable, they finish what they start, they are plodders, methodical, they don’t take risks.
They are reliable but slow – to develop, to walk, to teeth, to mature. Defects of calcium metabolism are often seen, with rickets, brittle bones, bony exostoses, poor closure of the skull fontnelle and the dentition may be delayed or deficient. Metabolic imbalance may result on osmosis and osmotic pressure defects, waterlogging lower extremities or other parts. The skin may fester easily and be slow to heal.
They may have a rotund moon face or a wrinkled appearance with squares in the wrinkle pattern with scaggy necks, large heads. They may sweat, especially cold sweat on the head with damp feet and hands, and their sweat smells sour and may be profuse enough to soak their pillows at night. They may have a handshake like a wet fish. They may be chalky, pasty, flabby, chilly, with poor circulation and aching bones or arthritis. They may suffer from overstrained muscles, chronic strains, cramps, especially night cramps, swollen glands, car sickness, anaemias of all kinds, profuse irregular menstrual bleeding, epilepsy, fibroids, growths – not necessarily malignant, polyps, warts, sluggish liver and gall bladder syndrome, bad teeth or nails, breast tenderness before menses with profuse poor quality breast milk.

Calc carbs can suffer from terrible nightmares, grind their teeth in their sleep, wake at 3am. Nightmares starting suddenly in the elderly may be due to an impending stroke.

Calc children may suffer from acidity, traditional ‘sour’ babies. They may suffer from chronically swollen glands. They feel better when constipated and suffer when they have diarrhoea, as if they need to hold onto the stool due to their slow metabolisms. Adults are better for diarrhoea and worse for constipation. Calc children often suffer from religious affections and ask difficult questions about death, about god, about why are we here? They may be overly concerned about others or others’ suffering. They may suffer night terrors. Calc babies are big, solid, earthy, and may remain as calcs until the day they die. Adult calcs often suffer from frequent colds which are not evident in calc children.

Calcs are worse from 2-3am, suffer right sided complaints, worse at the full moon or certain moon phases, from cold, damp, any exertion = breathlessness, being away from home = homesickness, things out of the ordinary = feel exposed and vulnerable, criticism, weeps from admonition, drafts, wind, sex – though they may have a strong sexual desire – they will prefer the same life long partner. They are worse from pressure either physical or mental, horrible stories will unmask them. They may be worse from ascending. They can be allergic to penicillin or aspirin.

They are better for a dry climate, their own surroundings = desire to go home, familiarity.
They like bland foods, dairy foods, eggs, potatoes, whipped cream, ice cream, milk, cheese and indigestible items such as earth, chalk, coal. They may eat one thing to the exclusion of all others, or have eccentric tastes, or prefer to eat only things that constipate them. They must eat breakfast. They may suffer excessive thirst for cold drinks at night.