lycopodiumLycopodium is one of the deepest acting remedies in homeopathy.

Lycopodium’s mind is quick and deep. Sulphur’s mind is quick and shallow.

It is made from the spores of the club moss. It is found across Northern Europe, and it is the oldest form of plant life on the planet. This very simple organism gives us a very deep remedy which acts like a mineral remedy. Its common name is Wolf’s Claw, and club moss is completely inert in its crude state, a yellow powder which has been used for centuries to coat and colour medicinal pills.

Club moss grows alongside other mosses and ferms, also ancient plants. Millions of years ago, club moss was well over 150 feet in height, but today it is one of the smallest of plants. It relies on the other plants to enable it to produce chlorophyll, so it is inherently poor at assimilation of nutrients. It makes up for this by slow and steady growth. It is weak and not vigorous, but steady and obstinate. Its spoors have a hard coat with a soft inner pulp, and the plant requires a cool shady and solitary place to grow close to the other plants it depends upon. Club moss has slow reproductive development. It contains five fatty acids. In homeopathic potency, it is very important polycrest remedy. Lycopodium is one of the five basic constitutional remedies.
Mind: Hard shell, soft interior. Bluff and bluster. Often seen in people with a professional face which is pragmatic and intellectual, even cut off from their feelings. This outer face belies the inner person who can be low in confidence and plagued with a sense of innadequacy. Change is emotionally unbearable, but intellectually stimulating. Feels inadequate but is very competent. Love of power, dictatorial, intellectual, professional. Guarded and controlling eyes. Guarded sadness in eyes. Poor self confidence, angry, irritable and domineering at home, peacefull at work. Arrogant and easily offended, controlling and controlled, easily humiliated, anxiety attacks. Exhausted after worry or responsibility. Children throw tantrums at home but are complaint at school. Cowardice. Desire to escape, will run away and abandon all responsibility. Angry on waking as they have to face another day. Constant desire to weep. Quick talkers, will enjoy company and be jovial at times. Can appear very confident at times. Frowning with permanent frown marks between eyes.. Early senility with gradual onset.
Fears: future, responsibility, men, when alone but averse to company, new people, phone or door bell ringing. Emotional responsibility.
Ailments from: fright, anger, mortification, vexation, displeasure, sun.
Worse from: Contradiction, change, 4-8pm, onions, oysters, shell fish, farinaceous foods, cold food and drinks, lying on back, waking, responsibility, warmth, wet, stormy weather, pressure of clothes, wine, sun.
Better from: Continued motion, warmth, uncovering, especially of head.
Desires: Sweets, hot things, oysters, onions.
Affinities: Liver, digestion especially the large intestine, genito urinary system. Lungs.
Physicals: Chilly. Quick eaters, with bloating and fermentation in the lower abdomen, and acid indigestion and burning belching with a sour taste in mouth. Full of gas. Great hunger with easy satiety. Not hungry until the sight of food. Peptic ulceration. Constipation with ineffectual urging, hard stool then soft. Rare diarrhoea. Tendency to inguinal hernia in children. Renal colic and nephritis with tendency for children to cry before urinating as they fear the pain. Biliousness. Neglected pneumonia at the base of the right lung. Gout. Weakness and feeble musculature in the upper body. May tend to flabbiness in middle age. One foot hot, the other cold. Frequent colds. Chronic coryza with fan like movements of the nostrils. Snuffles in infants. Tonsillitis. Symptoms tend to go from right to left. Low back pain and sciatica. Psoriasis, eczema, urticaria.
Female: Acrid leucorrhoea. Dry vagina. Burning during and after intercourse. Infertility. In pregnancy, the foetus may somersaut in the womb.
Male: Strong sexual desire with sterility or impotence. Exhausted after sex,
Sleep: Unrefreshing sleep as mind will not turn off.
Dreams: fearful dreams of a sexual nature.