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Homeopathy AIDS Study Demonstrates A Dramatic Ninety Per Cent Improvement. A pilot project in Kenya using inexpensive homeopathic remedies has shown great promise in the treatment of AIDS . “More than 90 per cent of the patients showed significant improvement in their health. The AIDS Remedy Fund 25.10.09

The Stanford study treating tuberculosis in HIV patients resulted in significant improvement in patients receiving homeopathic immunotherapy (Stanford, Comm Br Hom Res Grp Dec 1992 22 30-9).

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Clinical Trail of Homeopathic Preparations of Amyleum Nitrosum, Azithiaprine, Cocainum Muriaticum and Cyclosporine in HIV Disease – a study report V P Singh Central Council for Research in Homeopathy New Delhi

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India research into AIDS

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WHO reports:

Worldwide, the surveys show that over three-quarters of AIDS patients in Africa, North America and Europe use traditional or complementary medicine for various symptoms or conditions.