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A Homeopathic History of Malaria

A Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial investigating the efficacy of a Homeopathic After-Bite Gel for Reducing Mosquito bite induced Erythema. Hill N, Stam C, Tuinder S, van Haselen RA. Eur J Pharmacol, 1995, 49, 103-108.

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MALARIA AND HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES IN GHANA An Open Study and a Double-blind Randomized Clinical Trial V.M.A. van ERP 1 and M. BRANDS 2
1 BSc, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 2 MD, Homeopaths without Borders Netherlands

Homeopathy medicine to check malaria in Bhopal State Government of Bhopal

The effect of a homeopathic neem preparation for the prophylaxis of malaria An exploratory trial in an at-home setting in Tanzania N.M. Barlow-Benschop, MD, MScA, C.GambaB, S.P. Barlow, BScA, T. M. Blasco, M.A. PhD candidateC

Sierra Leone: Reduction in the incidence, severity and duration of malaria episodes and parasitaemia Sponsor(s): Malamed; Blackie Foundation Trust

Homeopathic treatment of malaria in Ghana Open study and clinical trial BSC Veronique M.A. Van Erp* and MD Martien Brands British Homoeopathic journal
Volume 85, Issue 2, April 1996, Pages 66-70