sulphurA very deep remedy. Sulphur is a natural mineral, a yellow rock which will burn with a blue flame. Sulphur has been used as a medicine for a very long time. In homeopathy it has a cetrifugal action and stirs up the vital force. This remedy is often over prescribed because it is the most commonly indicated remedy being the largest polycrest remedy and the leading psoric remedy in the materia medica.

    • Classically, this remedy is used to cure the ill effects of drugging (legal and illegal!) They tend to overdose on pills as their body is often uncomfortable and they just keep taking pills or medicines for a very long time. As they have such strong constitutions they may ‘get away’ with this behaviour for a very long time. Sulphur is classically seen in chronic diseases caused from suppressed eruptions and from over medication.
    • A good remedy for relapsing conditions, for symptoms that HAVE NEVER BEEN WELL SINCE…
    • Sulphur types suffer from either enormous appetites or no appetite (rarely). They are intensely thirsty and may prefer to drink rather than eat.
    • They desire sweets, fats, spicey food, alcohol, apples and salads.
    • They are averse to fish, eggs, milk – which can dissagree with them, acids.
    • They may have red eyelids and redness where mucous membranes change from dry to wet (*keynote). They may suffer from catarrhal conditions.
    • They suffer greatly from gastric disturbance and belch a lot with the odour of rotten eggs. They suffer from bile and heartburn. flatulence and wind, diarrhoea which is painless but drives them out of bed at 5am (*keynote) which they HATE and is very offensive. Alternatively, they suffer from constipation. Sulphur types cannot stand their own smell. They can suffer from redness around the anus and red orifices in general, and their discharges are acrid and excoriating.
    • They can be very weak and faint at 11am (*keynote) if they cannot have something to eat at this time. They may ‘sink’ before meals and need snacks. If sulphurs do get a drink habit, a ‘pick me up’ because of this need for ‘a little something’ they will be quite easy to cure of this habit once warned.
    • Sulphur is normally found in eruptions on the skin of the planet and as such they can suffer from every type of skin complaint you can think of, which breaks out easily and breaks down readily and does not heal well. Every little injury will suppurate and fester. Their skin is often thin and sensitive to acne and urticaria. They can suffer from itching all over and LOVE TO SCRATCH, even in public. Their skin can burn and will be much worse from washing and hot baths, which they may avoid for this reason. Urticaria and irritant rashes. Hair is dry and coarse or oily with dandruff. Eyelashes may turn in on themselves and get stuck.
    • They can be quite arthritic with chronic joint complaints or fibrous and ligamentous complaints.
    • Their hands may tremble with fine work.
    • They have unstable circulation and suffer from patches of heat. They are always hot and may never feel the cold, with hot hands, hot feet, hot head and burning soles. They will stick their feet out of bed to cool them down and may be upset by the heat of their beds. They can suffer from hot flushes and hot patches. They suffer from burning pains (*keynote). They do however love the sun.
    • They may sleep in cat naps night or day. They may have very vivid dreams, especially between 2-5am – they may not be able to sleep then. They may wake up singing. They may suffer from aggravations on wakening.
    • Periodicity (peaks of symptoms ) every 7-14 days can be marked. For example Friday night headaches. They can often be worse at weekends, mornings and at 11am.
    • Sulphur types are often worse at rest, standing or sitting and better horizontal. They are often called lazy because they won’t stand if they can sit, and won’t sit if they can lie down, and they will sleep if they can get away with it. Standing is uncomfortable for them, so if they cannot sit they will wander.
    • They are worse at the full moon, from heat, cold wet weather, menopause, water, bathing, stimulants, staying in one position, standing.
    • They are better from moderate temperatures, dry warm weather, lying down especially on the right side, drawing up affected limbs, open air, motion, sweating.
  • Be careful with sulphur in chronic skin conditions, as it may well cause complicated and chronic aggravations.

    Sulphur has a mind which is quick and shallow. Lycopodium has a mind which is quick and deep.

    Classically, sulphur types are thin and tall but stooping, or fat and round individuals, scruffy, dirty, dishevelled, rank, offensive, odiferous which persists even after washing, smoking dope and using hallucinogens, they theorise a lot and ignore their domestic appearance. They are not really alcoholic but like to drink a lot of beer. Alternatively, they can be absent minded professors, very academic, theorising a lot, to the extent that they ignore their physical appearance, discoverers of important things. They are not really alcoholic but they like to drink a lot of whiskey (or other spirits).

    Work can be uncomfortable for them and they will day dream selfishly, and may spend their imaginary winnings but never get around to posting the coupon. They are often fed up, actively bored, shiftless and entirely self centered and indulgent. They display no gratitude, avoid the real issue very skilfully, especially if this means activity or movement. They are not invested in their bodies. They are invested in their minds. Often they are fascinated by mysticism, orientalism, occult or oesoteric and philosophical issues, displaying innappropriate curiosity into obscure causes. Nosiness is natural to them and is often quite innappropriate. They can ‘walk a million mental miles to avoid one physical step’. “Getting up out of bed is enough exercise for anybody…”
    All sulphur types know something about everything, often Jacks of all trades but master of none. They share an obsession for the acquisition of knowledge and can be egotistical and want to be famous for their discoveries. They are always asking “why?” They are great inventors, especially time saving or effort saving inventions, but their inventions often take up more time than the time saved by their inventions.

    They may live in a great mess but the area they work in will be very organised, even though it may well look chaotic, they know their own mess and where to find things. They start but don’t finish. They can be superficial dabblers. They may have been professional but may have given it all up to ask questions such as “who is god?” They may get so ambitious with their search they can burn out mentally to become lazy day dreamers, hypercritical of others, even selfish and delusional. Classically, they think ‘rags are beautiful’.

    They can be hard, irritable, peevish, plethoric, robust, red faced, very vital, very intelligent, idealistic, extrovert and sociable. They will often need face to face interaction and recognition, eg. a doctor who works long hours with underpriviledged patients – their way to change the world. They may shun money and worldy things but they need recognition, and this can lead to problems if they are passed over for promotion, which they often are due to their poor personal presentation. They do not make good managers. They love to be the centre of attention.

    The slightest criticism makes them feel worthless.

    Sulphur types can suffer from anxiety about their loved ones, especially parent child situations. They can pace the floor in anxiety and play out dreadful scenarios in their minds. They suffer anxiety about their own health and fear infectious diseases and dirt, even though they are unaware of their own dirtiness. They fear heights to the point they may not be able to help you climb a ladder.

    Sulphur children are stubborn, pugnatious, leaders, red lipped, red faced, sweaty, and they do not want to sleep at night. They may crave beer. They may lie in bed in their own diarrhoea or not notice at all that they are constipated.