law of cureConstantine Hering founded this Law of Cure, which homeopaths use to negotiate around symptoms to determine how healthy or how ill the person actually is. We can use this law to monitor the healing process. It is in effect a route map back to health and an explaination of the course of the original dis-ease.

The Law of Cure states that during healing symptoms move:

  • from the inside of the body outwards
  • from the top of the body downwards
  • symptoms dissapear in the reverse order of their original appearance
  • symptoms move from more important organs to less important organs.

Obviously, in dis-ease, the reverse of the above Law applies. For example, eczema may become asthma as dis-ease progresses, and reversely as asthma heals, the original eczema may re-appear. For example, as mental and emotional symptoms improve, then original physical symptoms may re-appear.

Homeopaths may take some time to explain this process to you when we take the original case, and we will contiunue to explain this Law as healing occurs. People obviously just want to “get better” straight away, but in homeopathy, we see that the time to heal is roughly approximate to the time it took you to get ill in the first place, and this is because of the Law of Cure.

The more explaination the better, as this engages the rational mind. Fear and anxiety about dis-ease can make the rational mind fluctuate about in panic. A sound philosophical basis for healing is therefore paramount.

The vehemence of symptoms can be quite misleading. Depression is much feared, but it is not as worrisome as cancer – or a broken finger if you are a professional pianist!The body has a heirarchy of vital functions which the vital force will protect at all costs. Thus, your brain, liver and heart are most important. Your paired organs, kidneys and lungs are next most important. Your lymph nodes and glands are part of your immune system and also vital in the fight against dis-ease. Your stomach and digestive system, and your reproductive system are the next most vital, but you can function without these if you have too. Your fingers, toes and skin are of the least importance, so the vital force will prefer to throw disease out here first. Many dis-eases start with rashes and skin disturbance as the first line of defence. Arthritis can often first develop in fingers and toes as the vital force attempts to limit the damage from dis-ease.

The return of old symptoms is therefore very important in homeopathy, as we can clearly see the operation of the Law of Cure. Your homeopath will ask you “Have you ever had this symptom before?” New symptoms need carefull investigation because of the Law of Cure. What if you have had surgery to remove a part or an organ? Compensatory symptoms may occur elsewhere in the body, but there will be a similarity of occurence, for example in accupuncture, such compensatory symptoms occur at the other end of the meridan. There is always some order because the vital force has formative intelligence. It is often the case that people consult a homeopath and then get depressed. The question “is this your depression?” may well result in the answer that yes, the person has indeed felt this way before, but they believed they had overcome this. The return of old symptoms is methodical as the old symptom picture clears away in the reverse order of its appearance.

Kent’s Theory of Affinity suggests some assumptions – which can be of use – but only for hints at guidance. For example, that cancer of the breast is due to “lack of love going outwards” or “uterine dis-ease is due to “lack of love coming inwards”. These suggestions may or may not be of use, but many people will be aware of them, so they may be discussed.