I have published my new book, The Lost Book of History, which is already up and online under its component pages as follows:

The book version is also available on www.lulu.com.

The Lost Book of History will never be complete.

It is not possible to achieve more than an outline, but that is what we need to glimpse to begin with.

It is a start.

History is a song we all need to sing, eventually.

My task is to begin the Time Line and to tease out the patterns, all together, all intertwined together so they can be seen.

Like any case history taken by any Homeopath, I am simply attempting to find the essence, no more, no less.

It is like taking a pulse, if you prefer the analogy.

The benefit of a Time Line will not need to be explained to a Homeopath, but for everyone else, just read through it and see for yourself.

Patterns emerge.

Trauma becomes clear.

Origins appear.

Causations show themselves.

The central disturbance becomes obvious.

We are all in this together and we all need to know the Truth of our past.

No one villain, no one hero, no one more to blame that anyone else, but all guilty and all desperate now.

I have taken full advantage of Wikipedia, the online Encyclopedia. They make their copy available to everyone. Some articles are incomplete or unsatisfactory, but they are continuously updated and my online version will benefit.

To use this book, just click onto Wikipedia and type in the underlined words, or any word appearing in the text, and you can read away to your heart’s content.

Some of the links are from the Medieval Source Book, and some from Google and from Google Books, so have a good look around if Wikipedia does not have what you are looking for. Time and again, I used Google to correct my spelling of such antique names, only to find the Wikipedia entry top of Google’s list. Wikipedia is just fastidious about correct spelling!

The Time Line I provide is a jumping off point for your own researches, but by assembling all the events of the World together, you will be able to see how histories collide and interlock. It is never advisable to study any history in isolation. Our World has never been in isolation.

One Culture affects other Cultures and so on ad infinitum. We all live together on this Wonderful Planet Earth, and we must learn how to heal Her together.

I make no apology for including British history in detail, because I am British, and I despair at the paucity of knowledge and understanding shown by British People about their own history.

Also, because there is so much interest in the Arthurian Mythology and how it relates to Dan Brown’s Davinci Code, I felt it was important to include it all.

Hopefully, others will add their own detailed histories, enriching the Time Line technique for all of the countries of the World.

What I have done for Britain needs to be done for every country, but I do not have the knowledge to do it. However, it does need to be done and I hope this will encourage you to do it for your People. If you would like a copy of my Time Line so you can add it to your own research, please help yourself!