The London International College of HomeopathyMeet Roger Knight and Trevor Gunn at the The London International College of Homeopathy who run homeopathic courses in Serbia, Croatia, Nepal and the Lebannon.

Over the years The London International College of Homeopathy have run a variety of successful courses in a range of countries including: the former Czechoslovakia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Nicaragua, Egypt and Ethiopia. We currently have courses running in Croatia, Serbia, Lebanon and Nepal.

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Roger Knight writes: “I’m one of the directors of the London International College of Homeopathy (LICH) and we run courses in Serbia, Croatia and Lebanon at present.

These are 4 year, part-time courses leading to a diploma in homeopathy. The courses are a combination of theory and practical work and to be awarded the diploma, students must satisfy clear criteria.

They will receive the diploma only if we are satisfied that they are competent homeopathic practitioners and they have met all the specified requirements of the course.

Serbia and Croatia – We have been teaching in Serbia and Croatia for many years and we have worked with several ‘generations’ of students in both countries.

I was in Belgrade this time to start a new course with some students who are keen to get started with their homeopathic training.” continue reading:

Lebanon – Roger Knight continues: “I have to say that I was a little concerned about going to Beirut. Not hugely anxious, but definitely concerned. The reason being that my perception of Beirut was a place associated with violence, risk, political unrest and a potential war zone. So I was concerned for my own security and whether the students would be able to get together in one place for teaching.” continue reading: