racismWith grateful thanks to The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids for this most fascinating story of Origin.

If it is true that all things come out of Africa, then the discovery of the foundation of our cultural beliefs in this dark subcontinent is surely the most alluring.

Obatala, The King of Whiteness and Light, is the African male creator god, whose function is to form the child in the womb of his feminine counterpart Odudua, the chief goddess of the African pantheon, The Black One. Source quoted is Kenneth Gran’t book Cults of the Shadow now unfortunately out of print.

However, there are plenty of clues to follow in James Fraser’s The Golden Bough happily still in print with amazon This origin is the probable explanation for the widespread reverence of the black madonna images found widely across the Mediterranean area, as this informative article on the Black Madonnas by Michael P Duricy

It has been often noticed that what starts out as feminine often ends up being masculine. By the time these myths get to Northern Europe, the chief goddess is white and associated with the moon, whereas the male deity is transformed into the dying and resurrected vegetation god, the Green Man and then perverted into the devil by christianity the Catholic Encyclpedia and portrayed as red and then black, as described in this article on representations of the devil on Tarot.com.

Of course, when religion gets involved, the original cultural myths of our ancestors will be pushed and pulled around by theologians to suit the current politics of the day to monopolise power. Cultural roots are pulled up and discarded with gusto and abandon as greedy and shallow minds seek to climb to the top of the stack, to my mind demonstrating our tree dwelling ancestors who had some deep seated desire to get to the top of the tree and make the most noise.

However, evolution decreed that we should get down from the trees and walk on the ground, a great leveller if ever there was one! Evolution has also decreed that we develop intellect and wisdom and stop making all this noise.

As we ponder deeply on the origins of our most sacred cultural beliefs, and consider the devotion and the wisdom of shamans who kept us alive over geological epochs, we can see that the twisted machinations of modern hierarchies and their dreadful and dangerous manipulation of sacred tradition, has brought about the most horrific trauma by deforming the sacred and the taboo, see my Three Books of Healing.

Theologians have pushed millions of us down into the dirt as they attempt to elevate their pet doctine up into the light. This surely reflects their superficial nature and their deep seated fear of origin. In order to heal from this most ancient of all miasms psora, we most put aside all that disease and ponder anew on the wisdom of our ancestors.

NB: For further information on miams please consult Ortega, Notes on the Miasms obtainable from Serpetina Books and also described nicely by Hahnemann’s Theory of Miasms.

As Hahneman so pithily puts it ‘The body became corrupt because man’s interior will became corrupt.’ Thus the first and most ancient maism, Psora, sprung into existence.

NNB: Thanks again to Neal Stephenson for a final touch to this deep thought. Cryptonomicon “Over and over again we see the the pattern of Titanomachia (chaos) repeated – the old gods are thrown down, chaos returns, but out of the chaos, the same patterns reemerge.”

I think emotional intelligence is second in intelligence to spiritual intelligence and both are critically important today.