baigentReading The Jesus Papers by Michael Baigent it is easy to understand the furore surrounding the Davinci Code.

Mr Baigent’s chapter on The Mysteries of Egypt interests me greatly. He describes how the Pyramid Texts and the Coffin Texts concern ‘transfigurations’ – in other words, the techniques of traveling from this world into the ‘far world’, becoming an ‘akh’ or a ‘being of light’, and returning with ‘out of body experience’ – ‘working with’ the divine (theurgy) in order to be guided, or initiated.

He also describes Plutarch‘s experiences of the Mysteries of Delphi, which sound most similar.

It remined me of Shamans visiting the spirit world. It reminded me of Castenada. It reminded me that this practice is as old as we are, and that it underpins a great deal of modern healing techniques.

Mr Baigent continues, describing people spontaneously experiencing the release of trapped emotions, often in floods of tears or in clarity of perception, or even out of body experiences or sudden visions.

He says “it is as if the past is separated by a thin veneer of time that occasionally peels off to reveal what lies underneath”.

This information is very interesting.

There are many within the alternative medicine field who are exploring and using these techniques for healing purposes, and they are indeed most effective. Soul recovery and extraction is a very useful technique, and healers routinely use meditation and chanting to ease a distressed soul.

I look forward to the day when this is mainstream and well understood, loosing its fear factor and again becoming a well trodden path, because there is much healing in it.

Back to Baigent again, his chapter on Initiation reminded me of Minehowe and of Mick Ashton and Tony Robinson’s Time Team attempts to understand the structure. As usual, modern archaeologists interpret everything as a ‘fraud’, but Baigent describes Parmenides and the practice of ‘incubation‘ – ‘awaiting a dream or vision while sleeping…inside the earth’.

After the long description of the underground complex of Baiae, an oracle of the dead, I thought of Minehowe. Maybe this is also an oracle of the dead?

Parminides and Pythagoras were presocratic Greeks who were influenced by Egypt and by ‘mystical and shamanistic currents’ from Asia Minor and from Persia (and from the Druids too?)

All of these ancient people worshiped the god of healing Apollo, who was also the god of incubation. Interesting? Huh?

Also very interesting is the survival of the Egyptian mysteries in the form of the works of Hermes Trismegistus, especially the Poimandres. These works kick started the Renaissance thanks to Cosimo de Medici, of all people. Baigent links the production of the books of Hermes with the rise of Christianity! Very interesting. I read this book with fascination.

Thank you Michael Baigent!