green manWe all know that Christianity hijacked the most revered and favourite figures and festivals from our ancestors when they ‘took over’.

This is because they could not extinguish the people’s love of the Old Ways.

The Green Man is a universal symbol from our ancient past and as such he links us to peoples all along the Silk Road and to times so distant, there were no countries, races, religions or cultures.

As such, this nature spirit goes beyond divisions and links us all together, especially at this time of year when he traditionally comes in the dark deep of the year to remind us that spring is just around the corner and to keep our spirits high.

He comes again at Beltane (spring) and transforms into Lugh (light) at the summer solstice, to reappear at the Samhain autumn festivities of harvest and Halloween, festivities which predate bonfire night by millenia and link to the root with Diwali to show our common heritage around the world.

The Green Man symbolises so many different aspects of our relationship to nature, I wonder if it is time for us to acknowledge this old friend?

What better icon could we have for our new Green Age?