Wikipedia is guilty of a nasty bias in many of its articles?



Read on and despair!

Wikipedia was such a good idea but it turns out to be just another propaganda machine for vested interests, dubious no necks and big business!

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By Martin J. Walker

With this in mind, most people dealing with this issue, attempt to mitigate the problem by understanding that all knowledge is `situated knowledge, and that all judgments come from a particular standpoint. This means that it is understood that no one can claim to be 100% ‘neutral’ or ‘objective’, and that there are always power struggles involved when someone claims to be `objective` (especially whilst engaging in partisan behaviour).

Angela Kennedy & Jane Bryant, The One Click Group to Jimmy Wales. 17 November 2005.

Through the late Eighties into the early Nineties, Martin J. Walker worked as an investigator for lawyers in criminal and civil cases and with defendants – with and without lawyers. In the late 1980s he co-founded Hackney Community Defense Association (HCDA), a group which worked on the defense of people assaulted, fitted up and wrongfully arrested by the police in north east London .

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Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane report on secret CIA and FBI counter intelligence operations to disrupt internet websites criticising governments as well as on the role of Wikipedia in these “black ops” – there is no smoke without fire.

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