Part of the Introduction to *The Lost Book of British Homeopathy by Sue Young

Of Elephants and Mice and The Vital Force Copyright©Sue Young November 2010

During the early part of the 20th Century, two theoretical systems emerged – the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory – two systems that were not necessarily in contradiction to one another, but they nonetheless split the World into two opposing camps.

Albert Einstein 1879 – 1955 and the Theory of Relativity led to the Manhattan Project (6) and the total dominance of modern Materialism, Parascience (1) and Scientific Fundamentalism. Max Planck 1858 – 1947 and his theory of Quantum Theory led to far more uncertainty and vulnerability (6).

The First Vienna Circle in 1918 met to establish concrete opposition to all metaphysics, not because it was wrong, but because it ‘had no meaning’. Based on the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein 1889 – 1951 (4), the idea that all knowledge should be codified in a single standard language of science took complete hold, stating without any arguments allowed, that all ideas were to be replaced by more precise scientific terminology. Metaphysics, Soul, Mind, Thought – all these concepts were ditched as ‘irrelevant’. The missionary zeal of Positivism and Materialism to definitively win this war and defeat the Zeitgeist of past ages – the domination of religion – could finally and comprehensively be won (1).

Logical Positivism immigrated to America in the 1930s and became Logical Empiricism, Constructive Empiricism (evolved in 1980 from the work of Bastiaan Cornelis van Fraassen 1941 – , which holds that theories do not aim for truth about unobservable phenomena), Positivism (evolved from the work of Auguste Comte 1798 – 1857 who coined the term Altruism) and Postpositivism (evolved from the work of Karl Raimund Popper 1902 – 1994, who argued that it is impossible to verify that a belief is true, though it is possible to reject false beliefs if they are phrased in a way amenable to falsification) (5).

However, too much squeak and scrabble about in the rafters indicated such a confusion and uncertainty surrounding imponderables and unobservable phenomena – and that dratted term Metaphysics and its terrifying spiritual children continued to pollute the pure, unadulterated and exquisitely defined and totally exact safety and delight of ‘real’ scientific thought – the absolutes of modern Materialism and Scientific Fundamentalism coalesced into Parascience (1) and they all became elephants frightened of mice. The Numinous completely unmaned them.

These elephants were forced to live in a closed ontology, defining humanity by excluding our distinguishing features, and Auguste Comte’s altruism and universal love were the first casualties of such Parascience. They forget that Quantum Indeterminacy reminds us that the first thing we know about reality is its unknowability. These self appointed experts suppress our subjectivity and proclaim that we do not know our own minds, although they of course do know them. So terrified of us and our untidy minds are these elephants that they deny us consciousness itself and the fruits of our thoughts and the existence of our souls (1) – such that we become mice. This is ḥuṣpâ! (11)

Max Planck and Albert Einstein were close friends who worked intimately together, blending the work of  James Clerk Maxwell 1831 – 1879 and his Electromagnetic Theory, Philipp Eduard Anton von Lenard 1862 – 1947 and his research on cathode rays, Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrodinger 1887 – 1961, and his work on the Schrodinger equation, and his Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment, Max Theodor Felix von Laue 1879  – 1960 and his work on the diffraction of X-rays by crystals, Niels Henrik David Bohr 1885 – 1962 and his work on atomic structure, Werner Heisenberg 1901 – 1976 and his work on the Uncertainty Principle of Quantum Theory, Wolfgang Ernst Pauli 1900 – 1958 and his work on the Pauli Principle, Otto Stern 1888 – 1969 and his work on the Stern-Gerlach Experiment with Walther Gerlach 1889 – 1979, Walther Hermann Nernst 1864 – 1941 and his work on chemical affinity (9).

However, World War II tore apart this scientific collaboration, and in the dark days of the 1930s and 1940s, a split occurred that has left dangerous consequences for the World.

All Jewish scientific work was rejected out of hand by the Nazis, so Jewish scientific work ‘escaped’ to the West to become the basis of the Manhattan Project, and to become unfortunately and ultimately swept up by the vulgar riches and vested interests of the victors to establish a settled belief in might is right – upheld by shock and awe. Albert Einstein later admitted his error to Linus Carl Pauling 1901 – 1994 in 1954 “I made one great mistake in my life…. ‘(7).

Max Planck managed to avoid open conflict with the Nazi regime during the war, despite his youngest son Erwin being implicated in the attempt made on Hitler’s life in the July 20 plot and consequently being murdered by the Gestapo in 1945 (6). Max Planck’s settled belief was twofold, reflecting a certain uncertainty principle. Max Planck believed in the Causality Principle – that existence is not true or false, rather it is an act of faith – a belief which held comfortable counterpoint with his other settled belief that it is ‘…utterly impossible for a person possessing some training in natural science to recognize as founded on truth the many reports of extraordinary contradicting the laws of nature, of miracles which are still commonly regarded as essential supports and confirmations of religious doctrines, and which formerly used to be accepted as facts pure and simple, without doubt or criticism.” (8)

These impossible dilemmas of thought and belief illustrate the difficulties between elephants and mice, and they have led us to the confusions of the modern World. We no longer live in a World of comfortable counterpoint, rather we inhabit a World where peace now hinges on the shaky ground of Scientific Fundamentalism vs Religious Fundamentalism, or Creationism or Intelligent Design vs Darwinism. Everyone is terrified at this instant, and the mice are now frightened of the elephant. Touche!

Quantum Evolution indicates that the quantum coherence of subatomic particles may change very rapidly by choosing a state over all others purely based on interaction with the environment, bypassing the theories of Charles Darwin 1809 – 1882, though his Theory of Evolution then takes over to flow out these changes. Such a collapse of potential is caused by observing or measuring subatomic particles – the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle again – and that the environment fixes reality by constantly observing or measuring sub atomic particles (2).

If a sub atomic particle has the potential to be in two places at the same time – wave or particle – then it is in two places at the same time until something observes or measures it. Living cells act as quantum measuring devices, and offer constant measurement and observation of the sub atomic particles they contain, such that Adaptive Mutation may be the result of our own cells directing evolution – so the Intelligent Designer may be us! Life may be a better quantum measuring tool than random exposure to the environment, such that Quantum Decoherence occurred spontaneously as a mutation to produce it. (10) Are we gods or is Life a quantum phenomenon?

Consciousness has puzzled science for centuries. Can science reject the fruits of consciousness – soul – mind – thought – spirituality? What gives science the right to do this? Are elephants and mice forever doomed to live in fear?

Is there no third way? Is our choice always going to be between zero and one – or can we have zero and one? Science only allows us to regard our brain as a complex computer, with consciousness as a simple by product. What if Consciousness is a better quantum measuring tool than random exposure to the environment, such that Quantum Decoherence occurred as a mutation to produce it?

What if Consciousness is a Quantum Computer that can collapse potential by thought – by Free Will – by an idea?

Memes replicate like genes (12) and history has demonstrated many times that ideas do lead to wars, revolutions, upheavals, insurrections, rebellions, riots and the new world orders we see around us today. Ideas that spread – win! (13)

No wonder the elephants are scared! The mice will inherit the Earth! (14)

The Vital Force

Samuel Hahnemann 1755 – 1843 was inspired by many influences in the 18th Century, and his life story has been described in detail, originally by Richard Haehl 1873 – 1932 in 1922.

After millennia, and by the end of the 18th Century, the ‘Vital Force’, or the ‘Anima’, or the ‘Spiritual Force’ – – it had many names – was producing language and ideas all of its own. Throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries, these ideas influenced society so profoundly they did indeed lead to wars, revolutions, upheavals, insurrections, rebellions, riots and the new world orders we see around us today.

The Egyptian concept of Maat was disrupted. Maat was personified as a goddess – a quantum goddess – representing truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice. She regulated the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities, and she set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation (1). The ‘Vital Force’ calms Maat and order is restored. The night sky is at ease in its Zero Point Energy (7).

Today in the 21st Century, these swirling ideas are barely understood, nor is it easy to recapture the language or thoughts of bygone ages. The thinkers and philosophers of the past were not describing something physical or material – this is a Category Error made by Parascientists who cannot understand the difference between a noun and a verb (6).

“Contempt for the past surely accounts for a consistent failure to consult it.” (3)

Our ancestors were instead describing currents in the very patterns of thought itself. No wonder the Parascientists of our own age crash on these ideas like ships in a storm, completely unable to grasp the atmospherics of history. Or maybe they understand them all too well? Is this why Parascience pretends superiority over the intricacy and complexity of consciousness itself? How can they claim supremacy over a verb? Consequently like the elephant, they must remain terrified of mice.

So why do Parascientists forbid us to meditate on the contents of our consciousness and claim that they alone are the gatekeepers to what is real or unreal? Is an idea real? Do Parascientists deny that in the beginning was the Word (an idea)? Because that is where the thinkers and philosophers of the 18th and 19th Centuries begin and where most of them end.

Our ancestors lived in an age where words and ideas were profoundly important. The many and varied attempts throughout history to control the spread of an idea are well documented. Words and ideas may not be ‘real’ enough to satisfy Parascientists, nor could they find their physical location no matter how many brains they dissect. However, these metaphysical intangibles have been real enough to upend the World many times over – real enough to cause Parascientists to take refuge against the scritch scratch scuffling behind the skirting boards of freedom of thought and action. The mice breathe for us and the elephants are very afraid.

“Whoever controls the definition of mind controls the definition of humankind itself, and culture, and history… I consider this tendency in modern and contemporary thinking significant and also regrettable.” (4)

*So come with me into the world of our ancestors, and observe and measure them as they look into a glass darkly and describe what they saw, what they knew, what they believed and what they wanted to believe.

“…the human mind itself yields the only evidence we can have of the scale of human reality.” (5)

For a moment, forget that Parascientists even exist, because in the 18th and 19th Centuries, they did not exist in the form we know them today, and their immediate ancestors were roundly decried as satanists and heretics at the time. It is indeed ironic that today, Parascientists decry the ideas of our immediate ancestors as dangerous religious nonsense – in fact they accuse them and us of witchcraft. Obviously, Parascientists prefer to rigidly control verbs and then rely on the precarious protection this promises – such is the legacy of the 20th Century and the white out effect of World war on the human psyche.

The ‘Vital Force’ is the metaphysical key phrase which emerged triumphant from all of the arguments and discussions of the last two thousand years, culminating in the struggles and arguments of our ancestors, and surviving to represent the spiritual Zeitgeist of all Ages, right up to our own modern day.

The term ‘Vital Force’ moved forward through time, gaining strength and a profound meaning and vigour, so incredibly robust that its very essence has not morphed or become deformed in any way, a miracle that would not have surprised your average thinker or philosopher of the 18th or 19th Century. Indeed, this was the very point of the whole exercise (and maybe why so many Parascientists foam at the mouth every time it is mentioned?)

So what does this term ‘Vital Force’mean? Why does it derange and upset so many Parascientists? Why does the very idea that the Universe is ‘Vital’, and that all life within it is imbued with a ‘Vital Force’, and that the homeopathic dilution and succussion of substances releases the ‘Vital Force’ (Spiritual Power) of medicines, drive Parascientists into such violent and apoplectic frenzy?

In a nutshell, by the beginning of the 20th Century, the ‘Vital Force’ meant the ‘Life Force’ – basically the difference between a dead body and a live body – Zero Point Energy? (7)

In 1810, when Samuel Hahnemann published his 1st edition of The Organon in the medical journal of Christoph Wilhelm von Hufeland 1762 – 1836, the World and his wife knew exactly what was meant by the idea of ‘Vital Force’.

Samuel Hahnemann had postulated that dis-ease is a reflection of, and a material expression of dis-harmony in the ‘Vital Force’, and that homeopathy is more than capable of ‘retuning’ the ‘Vital Force’ and restoring health, balance, peace and harmony. Samuel Hahnemann believed that the perfect balance of the ‘Vital Force’ is our destiny and the very definition of health. Any imbalance in the ‘Vital Force’ is expressed in the material world by dis-ease or symptoms, which are the root cause of wars, revolutions, upheavals, insurrections, rebellions, riots and the new world orders we see around us today. This is because they are all symptoms of the imbalance in the ‘Vital Force’.

It really is that simple! Restoring Maat in fact. Homeopathy is a quantum leap of science and faith. A third way of observing and measuring zero and one.

Orthodox medicine, or allopathy, on the other hand, introduces chemicals, toxins and poisons directly into the body which increase the distortion and imbalance in the ‘Vital Force’. Despite the profound insights and advances medicine has made over recent centuries – credit where credit is due – orthodox medicine has not learnt to listen to Nature. Rather than asking ‘why is there an imbalance in the body producing all these symptoms’-  the orthodox approach is to ignore these ‘red warning lights’ and simply disconnect them – and then to force the body and the mind to mimic a supposed ‘natural balance’ using gross medication to do so. Orthodox medicine also uses dramatic and traumatic abuses and assaults into and onto the body, an ‘Artificial Force’ which decreases any prospect of natural balance or harmony in the ‘Vital Force’.

In their defence, orthodox medicine is really trying to shock the body into a restart position using jump leads – an attempt to reboot the internal forces which control the balance between health and disease – though they would not thank me for pointing this out I suspect! Maybe they are attempting to collapse a disease potential, but instead of using a subtle whisper, they try an atomic bomb? The truth, as always, is in between. Sometimes medicine does need to use heroic intervention and the subtle whisper needs to step aside – and vice versa. Not zero or one – rather zero and one.

Samuel Hahnemann realised in the 18th Century that orthodox medicine of his time was therefore profoundly far from healing dis-ease. In fact it ensured that imbalances in the ‘Vital Force’ were worsened and could not be corrected.

The natural voice of the allopath has never been the enemy of the ‘Vital Force’ as history fully attests. So very many orthodox medics over the centuries have stood up to defend the ‘Vital Force’ and indeed to defend homeopathy, that these inspired physicians and surgeons must be fully acknowledged here. The natural voice of the homeopath also wishes for balance between different systems, and the best philosophers understand that the amount of light and darkness in existence remains more or less constant. There is darkness at the centre of light and light at the centre of the darkness. Each makes a huge mistake in disparaging the other (8).

However, and despite the heroic efforts of many superb doctors, unfortunately, more often than not, the tactics of modern orthodox medicine destroys or overwhelms the ‘Vital Force’, and we now have a new disease – iatrogenic disease – and they most definitely will not thank me for pointing this out!

Tragically, and because some sectors of modern orthodox medicine does this work through wilful ignorance, without apology or introspection, with no curiosity or conscience regarding iatrogenic phenomena, they have become the servants of Parascience. In their arrogance, they prefer the glamour of ‘Artificial Force’ and its pretend promise to overwhelm Nature and suppress and destroy all notion of the ‘Vital Force’ finally and forever. Orthodox medicine also prefers ḥuṣpâ!

We are allowed freedom of religious thought in the 21st Century, but we are far away from freedom of health choice. So now we have two invisible elephants in the room that no one dare mention because everyone is so terrified of the awe-inspiring violence and power of this modern Inquisition. Has no one noticed that these invisible elephants are still terrified of mice?

Similia similibus curentur is the only possible method of repairing this imbalance and restoring harmony to a cruel and evil World that had lost its way so profoundly, or so thought Samuel Hahnemann, and many of the thinkers and philosophers of the 18th and 19th centuries agreed with him. The rejection of such violence and ignorance by the long suffering populations of the World coalesced then and now into one phrase – the ‘Vital Force’- a rejection of ‘Artificial Force’so total and complete that the invisible elephants must maintain their delusion of total authority with increasingly desperate tactics of shock and awe.

The mice continue to squeak and scrabble about in the rafters and behind the skirting boards, and the ultimate war behind these ideas still rages today. If the perfect balance of the ‘Vital Force’ is our destiny, we are lost and very far from home. Or may be we are far too close to home?


Of Elephants and Mice

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The Vital Force

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* The Lost Book of British Homeopathy is currently being written, though it will take a while… Sue