With thanks to Horsemart.co.uk 14.3.2011:

Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal was one of many who attended Nick’s presentation; Homeopathy – Science or Alchemy? She admitted, in her closing address to the forum, that she was raised on homeopathy herself. A homeopathic cream for burns was also, she admitted, the best she had come across.
Nick gave an insightful talk on homeopathy in practice bringing it to life with five complex equine case studies where homeopathy had been decisive, even saving the life of a horse due to be euthanased, in his last case presentation.
The NEF provides a platform for the debate of issues that are current and could potentially impact on the equestrian industry. Nick’s aim was to spread the word that homeopathy is safe, simple and effective and can be used alone or alongside conventional medicine.
Said Nick: “I was honoured to speak at the Forum and in front of the Princess Royal. It was wonderful to hear her enthusiasm for homeopathy.”
The British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons (BAHVS) offer a service to animal owners seeking homeopathic help and can supply names and addresses of veterinary surgeons with homeopathic qualifications.
For further information please visit www.bahvs.com