With thanks to the Mexican Business Webb 29.3.12:

The Homeopathic medicine trade is worth $11 billion pesos in 2011. It is expected that for this year demand will grow five times more. 

Old illnesses, new remedies. Alternative medicine market in Mexico is a business that has reached a privileged position versus medicine based on drugs. Last year, homeopathic medicine reported revenues for the country of $11 billion pesos, so it is expected that in 2012 it reached up to five times its current demand. This was reported by the National Association of the Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Industry (ANIFHOM).


Not only pills can cure the Mexican. The boom in the industry is due to the interest of the population to seek ways to keep healthy with natural approaches and less expensive drugs. This trend transforms homeopathic medicine in something more affordable than generic and patent drugs. According to specialists from the national school of medicine and homeopathy, compared to conventional medicines, homeopathic medicine has a price of up to 70% lower than patent medicines, and is 15% cheaper than generics.

Another point in favor of the strengthening of this industry is the shortages of drugs in health institutions of the country. Proof of this is that, in 2011, the Mexico City Government (GDF) implemented as a strategy the purchase of homeopathic medicines to laboratories members of the National Association of the Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Industry (ANIFHOM). With this was achieved 15% growth in sales compared to previous years.

Currently, in Mexico there are 14 laboratories producers of this type of drug, while the national homeopathic industry represents only 0.2% of the total of the Mexican pharmaceutical market and its value is around $300 million pesos. (Inteligencia Editorial – Mexican Business Web)