With thanks to Lankaweb and Dr. Tilak S. Fernando 5.7.12:

At a time Sri Lanka is gripped with a deadly disease – Dengue fever- and the government and health authorities are scratching their heads engaged in all sorts of operations and cleaning up of the environment and imposing fines on those who allow mosquito to breed in a desperate attempt to combat the disease and save life, Joe de Livera who is the ‘ the Sri Lankan representative for Homeopaths without Borders ’ made an appeal to the President on an effective homeopathic remedy with which he has cured many free of charge.

Among those who recovered within hours of administration of this homeopathic preparation were ‘ almost dying patients’; in certain cases patients’ hospital bills had sky rocked up to Rs.200,000 for Panadol & IV !

Joe de Livera’s humanitarian efforts were highlighted by me in a feature article under the caption ‘A vision and a Mission to combat Dengue – Joe de Livera appeals to the President’ which I posted to all the English newspapers in Sri Lanka only to be disappointed and frustrated to notice that humanism had been superseded by an unfathomable ‘force(s)’ or warped thinking of the Fourth Estate giants that it was consigned to the nearest dust bin!

I raise my hat to www.lankaweb.com who immediately saw the importance of the article and posted it in the world wide web which has helped the Sri Lankan society, at least who has access to the Internet.

In my post on Lankaweb I highlighted the single handed effort that Joe De Livera was involved in to save our Nation from the ravages of Dengue which has claimed over 85 lives for the last 6 months of this year in the Western Province alone.

At a meeting held recently convened by the Mayor of Colombo, it was decided that the Homeopathic Association of Sri Lanka to hold camps in 4 locations in the city where the single remedy that can CURE Dengue would be distributed free of charge by a team of Homeopathic doctors on June 30 and July 1 in 4 locations in the city. The response was gratifying as over 1000 patients attended these camps and were each given the remedy after they registered their name and address. It now remains to be seen as to how the distribution of this medicine will affect the spread of Dengue in the areas where the patients lived.