portugalWith thanks to ECCH European Central Council of Homeopaths 17.9.2013:

From http://www.homeopathy-ecch.org/Progressive Portuguese Government Shows Belgian Government The Error of Its Reactionary Way  

lei_n._71-2013_tnc.pdf   NB The wording of the new Portuguese law begins at the bottom right of the first page. An approximate English translation is available here: port – eng law.pdf

‘… On the 2 September 2013 the Health Minister of the Portuguese Government, Paulo Macedo, introduced the enacting legislation that lays down the future legal framework for the regulation of the practice homeopathy and 6 other CAM disciplines in Portugal. Lei 71/2013 is the product of a long process extending over a number of years and clearly sets out the requirements in terms of education and regulation for practitioners of CAM disciplines who do not have a conventional medical training but who wish to practise their discipline competently and responsibly. 

The law establishes a framework that will facilitate the regulated growth of 7 new healthcare professions that will make a valuable contribution to the future healthcare of Portugal’s people. Given the current crisis in healthcare precipitated by the failure of whole categories of medicines such as antibiotics, hospital systems under severe strain and the growing burden of chronic disease in an ageing population, these new professions will have an increasingly relevant role to play in helping maintain health and treating ill-health effectively in the future. 

The new Portuguese law stands in direct contrast to the way the Belgian Minister of Public Health, Ms Laurette Onkelinx has acted in this regulatory arena. In 1999 a perfectly good law, known as the Collas Law,  was introduced onto the Belgian statute books aimed at establishing the regulation of homeopathy and three other disciplines by practitioners in a very similar way to that now achieved by the Portuguese Government. Unfortunately, after a long period in limbo, the law has latterly been through a highly questionable consultation process that has resulted in a perversion the original intention of the law.  

After much lobbying by the Belgian homeopathic doctors the Collas law now defines homeopathy as a ‘medical act’ and restricts its practice to doctors, dentists and midwives. As a result homeopaths who currently practise in Belgium will now have to stop practising and non-one else can train in the future to be a homeopath in Belgium.  Clearly, while Portugal promotes the future healthcare of its people, Belgium simply protects a small minority of doctors’ interests…’  

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