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Homeopathy Saves the Horsechestnut Trees

With thanks to the Independent 26.6.06:

Forestry experts have called for a census of London’s beleaguered horse chestnut trees to assess damage caused by drought, pest attack and disease.

…the use of a homeopathic spray to combat bleeding canker infection and pest infestation has so far yielded positive results. “The trial that’s been running for two years is showing very good results… You can’t spray any kind of toxic chemicals in these public areas, so homeopathics are perfect for the job”.

Read about more scientific research into homeopathy

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Organic techniques provide more food per acre than chemical based agriculture

TelegraphWith thanks to The Telegraph 7.8.09:

Forget, for a moment, the impassioned debate over the healthiness of organic food that has been raging merrily since the Food Standards Agency published its controversial report last week.

There is a much more important issue to consider, one that has hardly figured in the argument. Can organic farming do much to feed an increasingly hungry world? Almost everyone assumes that it can’t. It is seen as something purely for the health conscious Western middle classes.

But the counter intuitive truth is very different. Read the rest of this entry »

Orange drinks with 300 times more pesticide than tap water

fantaWith thanks to the MailOnline 5.1.09:

Fizzy drinks sold by Coca-Cola in Britain have been found to contain pesticides at up to 300 times the level allowed in tap or bottled water.

A worldwide study found pesticide levels in orange and lemon drinks sold under the Fanta brand, which is popular with children, were at their highest in the UK.

The research team called on the Government, the industry and the company to act to remove the chemicals and called for new safety standards to regulate the soft drinks market. The industry denies children are at risk and insists that the levels found by researchers based at the University of Jaen in southern Spain are not harmful. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 11 compounds in US drinking water

new-scientistWith thanks to New Scientist 12.1.09:

A comprehensive survey of the drinking water for more than 28 million Americans has detected the widespread but low-level presence of pharmaceuticals and hormonally active chemicals. Read the rest of this entry »

Unwanted sales calls, junk mail and spam

pestAt last, there maybe some respite from this waste of time and unwanted intrusion…


The Telephone Preference Service


The Mailing Preference Service


The Email Preference Service

Register online today to prevent unwanted intrusion into your life!

Now, if I could only stop all that junk coming through my letter box!!

Origins of Petroleum

petroleumThe origins of petroleum and oil and natural gas are the decayed remains of dead people and animals!

Natural gas, oil and petroleum are formed from the soft parts of billions and billions of dead animals and dead people decaying in restricted environments deep underground. Read the rest of this entry »

Homeopathy Tree Planting Scheme

treeSponsor a tree to offset your carbon emissions or as a present or in memorium – or just because you want too…

Homeopathy Action Trust exist to help you!

‘Health disaster’ in French Caribbean linked to pesticides

independent‘Health disaster’ in French Caribbean linked to pesticides by John Lichfield in Paris

The indiscriminate use of toxic pesticides on banana plantations in the French Caribbean has left much of the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe poisoned for a century to come, a report to the French parliament warned yesterday.

The two islands and their 800,000 inhabitants faced a “health disaster”, with soaring rates of cancer and infertility, said Professor Dominique Belpomme, a French cancer specialist. Read the rest of this entry »

Continent-size toxic stew of plastic trash fouling swath of Pacific Ocean

san francisco chronicleWith thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle

At the start of the Academy Award-winning movie “American Beauty,” a character videotapes a plastic grocery bag as it drifts into the air, an event he casts as a symbol of life’s unpredictable currents, and declares the romantic moment as a “most beautiful thing.”

To the eyes of an oceanographer, the image is pure catastrophe. Read the rest of this entry »

Plants uptake antibiotics

antibioticsScientists at the University of Minnesota have been evaluating the impact of antibiotic feeding in livestock production on the environment.

This particular study, funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), evaluated whether food crops accumulate antibiotics from soils spread with manure that contains antibiotics.

Results from the study are published in the July-August 2007 issue of the Journal of Environmental Quality. The research was also presented in Indianapolis, IN at the Annual Soil Science Society of America Meeting in November 2006. Read the rest of this entry »