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Pakistan to research claims that homeopathy can cure dengue fever

With thanks to The International News Pakistan and Muhammad Qasim Thursday, September 15, 2011:

Rawalpindi – Dr Asghar Ali Shah, a homeopath in town, claimed to have prepared medicines for both the prevention of dengue fever and treatment of the infection in a confirmed patient. Dr Shah, who is running a clinic in Muslim Town, Rawalpindi, claimed that the medicine prepared for treatment has already been tested on 24 confirmed patients of the infection last year who achieved complete cure. 

He said that he prepared two types of medicines of which one serves as a vaccine and its use by a healthy person saves him completely from onset of dengue fever while the second medicine is for treatment that can be used after onset of dengue fever. The combination of three homeopathic medicines along with a single remedy is served as vaccine while three homeopathic medicines and a mother tincture are for use of treatment in an infected person, he said while responding to a query.

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Parents refused to let daughter die and used Chinese herbs, acupuncture and homeopathy to save her life

With thanks to The Sunday News (Australia) 3.7.11:

Miracle survivor Kimberly McNeill owes her life to the love and determination of a mum and dad who simply refused to let their darling daughter die. 

The Hawke’s Bay teen’s body was so broken in a horror car crash six months ago, doctors turned off her life support. They put together a treatment plan using alternative therapies – Chinese herbs, acupuncture and homeopathy. James and Jackie kept vigil for 72 hours straight, turning Kimberly constantly and using homeopathic remedies to keep the fluid trapped in her lungs from drowning her.  Read the rest of this entry »

Homeopathy used Against Dengue in Macae in Brazil

With thanks to Laila Aparecida de Souza Nunes MD, BC (Homeopathy), the Coordinator General of Public Health of the Municipal Health Secretariat of Macae(**see below)

Dengue, today is a major public health problems worldwide, especially in tropical countries, where conditions are more favorable to the proliferation of Aedes aegypti. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that between 50 and 100 million people become infected annually in over 100 countries in all continents except Europe. Approximately 550,000 patients require hospitalization and 20,000 die as a result of dengue.

In the first campaign against Dengue, Homeopathy (April-May 2007), were distributed freely 156,000 doses of homeopathic medicine, and the population is estimated at Macaé 188,000 inhabitants. In the second season (November-December 2007), some 60,000 doses were given to the population. In the third campaign were distributed 200,000 doses of March 29 to April 25, 2008. And in the fourth year, were 26,000 doses in November and December 2008. In 2009, 98,708 doses were applied. “The biggest advantage is the wide acceptance and low cost of treatment.”

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Macae in Brazil uses Homeopathy to prevent Dengue Fever

With thanks to Odia Online 26.3.2011:

The Town of Macaé in Brazil is a pioneer in the use of homeopathy in dengue. Distribution is via health clinics, bus terminals, schools and health workers’ visits to the districts. Homeopathy reduced the infection rate from Dengue Fever significantly.

Macaé (RJ) – The city of Macae, through the Secretary of Health adopts various strategies to combat dengue, which has contributed to the reduction of mortality in the county. Since 2007, an innovative action, homeopathy is used for specific actions in the districts as a precautionary measure to avoid complications of diseases. According to the coordination of Public Health with the use of homeopathy against dengue, there is a significant reduction in the number of cases of the disease.

The incidence in Macaé, in 2008, fell by 71% compared to 2007, while in the North Fluminense, Macaé which is a part, had an increase of 273%, and the state of Rio de Janeiro was increase of 315%, “says the doctor and coordinator of Community Health, Laila Nunes. The homeopathic remedy is distributed free of charge to people at clinics and at strategic points in the city, such as bus terminals, downtown, schools and neighborhoods in stock.

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Homeopathy in Cuba – Gustavo Bracho exclusive interview on the homeopathic prevention of epidemics

With thanks to  (watch video byDr Concepcion Campa Huergo – Creator of meningitis B vaccine explains her passion for homeopathy and founder of Finlay 6.7.17)

With thanks to Carol Boyce and NaturalNews.TV 29.8.2010:

View the video interview HERE

Read Homeopathic Immunisation Against Leptospirosis in Cuba November 8, 2010 by Isaac Golden and Gustavo Bracho.

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Homeopathy was officially adopted in Cuba in 1992, and it is now integrated across the whole island.

See:  Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control. Bracho G, Varela E, Fernández R, et al. Homeopathy 2010; 99: 156–166.

Homeopathy is the medicine for the people… and the main solution for developing countries… a low risk, low cost solution… and the only solution for difficult situations where no conventional medicine solutions are possible or available.’

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Homeopathy used to curb Dengue in Colombo Sri Lanka

With thanks to the Dairy Mirror 30.7.10

The Colombo Municipal Council has decided to distribute homeopathic drugs and powder made out of grounded Madurutala (Ocimum basilicum) and Margosa leaves to prevent the spread of dengue.

CMC’s Indigenous Medicine Chief Medical Officer Dr. Palitha Rathana told the Daily Mirror that the council had decided to adopt alternative medicine and indigenous methods to prevent the spread of the disease. Read the rest of this entry »

Epidemic Influenza And Vitamin D

With thanks to and J J Cannell

In early April of 2005, after a particularly rainy spring, an influenza epidemic (epi: upon, demic: people) exploded through the maximum-security hospital for the criminally insane where I have worked for the last ten years. Read the rest of this entry »

Homoeopathy Can Also Be Used to Treat Psychological Problems

With thanks to Louise McLean and Natural News 9.11.08

Throughout all the discussions and media attacks on homoeopathy during the last few years, one thing is never mentioned and that is the extraordinary effectiveness of homoeopathic medicines to treat symptoms relating to psychological problems. These include emotional states such as grief, fright, anguish, anger, indignation, guilt, remorse, disappointed love, homesickness, jealousy. Read the rest of this entry »

Glandular Fever

Glandular fever or infectious mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein Barr virus. It most commonly affects teenagers and young people of both sexes.

Epstein Barr virus (EBV) is a member of the herpes virus family and one of the most common of human viruses, occurring Worldwide.

It is impossible to eradicate this virus, so it is important to improve the health of populations so the human immune system can easily cope with this mostly minor infection. Read the rest of this entry »