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1993 – 1995

This woman first came to see me in September 1993, and was by far the most difficult case I have had so far.

It was difficult, not because the remedies were hard to see, but because she was so mentally ill, she had to rebuild her entire mental landscape from practically nothing. This she is now well on the way to accomplishing, and she has used the remedies for every step of the way. My reason for presenting this paper is to point out that no remedy in the world can replace lost time, lost education and lost life. This has to be relearnt after the block has been removed. Read the rest of this entry »


A Psychiatric Case??

Published in The Homeopath Summer 1997 No: 66

There is much evidence to suggest that most cases of severe mental and emotional pathology arise from abuse somewhere in the time line, thus practitioners can find themselves on the look out for this, even when it isn’t there.

When a client first presents, there is often no way of knowing what the aetiology is, as the case history or time line may not reflect the true picture due to denial or fragmentation (i.e. loss of significant portions of the memory). Read the rest of this entry »


Primrose: A Case Study in the homeopathic treatment of abuse:

1993-5 This case was difficult. It started easily enough and then blew up in my face!
1st consultation 4.11.93

Female aged 33, thin, tall and brunette. She has flu at the moment, with non specific symptoms of malaise, thirst and exhaustion. Read the rest of this entry »


Virus 1994

VIRUS 1994

This autumn, I have had several cases which have really taxed and fascinated me; they were seemingly all related to the endemic flu virus in my area, but proved very difficult to treat. Read the rest of this entry »


Marion 1992 – 1995

Marion 1992-1995

In November 1992, this 49 year old woman originally consulted for homeopathic support for her current radiotherapy after radical mastectomy of her left breast in March 1992. She has finished her chemotherapy. I gave her rad brom 30c od during treatment. Read the rest of this entry »


Rad Brom – three cases


January 1994

After College, I remembered Rad Brom afterwards, whereas other remedies didn’t even establish a short term memory trace! Thank you Ian Watson!

This was useful, as this remedy is not well represented (if at all) in our repertories. These three case where I prescribed Rad Brom shared some interesting similarities, which I didn’t really notice at first. However, I then decided to take another look. Read the rest of this entry »


The Classical Reaction

The Classical Reaction

Published in The Homeopath No. 64 Winter 1997

17th November 1988
Male d.o.b. 20.8.66 Tall, slender, pale, very nervous, sits all coiled up, tense, hands around face. Consulted for ‘nervous knot like permanent butterflies’ around heart, which ‘pounds fast with nausea’ < anticipation. Read the rest of this entry »