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Robert Downey junior seeks homeopathic help for his son

Robert Downey Junior and Indigo juniorWith thanks to 3.10.13 and Contact 2.10.13:

From  ‘… Robert Downey Jr. is no stranger to the life of addiction, and now it seems as if his oldest son, 20-year-old Indio Downey, is seeking help in rehab for his addiction to prescription pain medication. Apparently, Indio’s mother, Deborah Falconer, confirmed to the National Enquirer that he has sought treatment. However, she also noted that we wasn’t necessarily “addicted,” as he was only taking one pill a day. But, in my opinion, when you don’t need the meds, then one-a-day is one too many. It’s not a vitamin, folks. If Indio’s addiction is true, then we’re so glad he’s seeking treatment while he’s still young and his body malleable. “He was not addicted,” says Debbie. “He was taking one pill a day,” and his rehab primarily consists of “holistic, natural and orthomolecular” treatments.“We are hoping to do it the homeopathic way rather than with medications.”…’ Read the rest of this entry »

Pete Townshend uses homeopathy to help with tinnitus

With thanks to New Magazine 21.11.12:








From Peter Townshend from The Who recently told television host, David Letterman, how he turned to alternative medicine to help him deal with hearing issues from Tinnitus, UK-based New Magazine reported.   Read the rest of this entry »

Homeopathic healing: The stars who swear by alternative medicine

With thanks to the Daily Mirror 14.8.12:






From Many celebrities and top athletes have a homeopath on speed dial and here some of them share their stories… While many don’t believe it even works, more than 10 million ­people in the UK swear by homeopathy. he healing benefits of alternative medicines are believed to have been known for 2,000 years and they have been available on the NHS since its formation in 1948. Many celebrities and top athletes have a homeopath on speed dial and here some of them share their stories of how they feel alternative medicines have boosted their health:

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Usain Bolt and Homeopathy

The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, has been a patient of controversial German sports doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt for many years. He first visited the doctor, who also makes use of homeopathy, at his Munich clinic when he was a teenager.

‘… I’ve been coming here since I was 16…’ the 100m world record holder recently said at a press conference in Munich. ‘… It’s been a long relationship. Every time I have a problem, he always gives good advice and treatments. He’s the best at what he does. We are very close…’ Bolt said, adding that he also receives ‘… vitamin injections and stuff…’ 

Bolt was born with scoliosis, a curvature of the lower spine, which makes him more susceptible to back pain and injuries. Dr Müller-Wohlfahrt is a world leader in the treatment of sports injuries and well-known for his holistic approach. Though conventionally trained in medicine and orthopaedics, his treatment includes manual diagnostics, as well as herbal and homeopathic remedies and acupuncture. The core of his treatments is what he calls “infiltrations”, in which homeopathic preparations and other substances are injected into the injury site to take away pain and speed up recovery.

Other famous patients include Paula Radcliffe, Kelly Holmes, Tyson Gay, Ronaldo, Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard and Boris Becker. He is also the team doctor for the German national football team and FC Bayern München.

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German Soccer Stars Sold on Homeopathic Remedies

With thanks to DW 4.6.12:

Part of winning any championship is dealing with injuries — or avoiding them in the first place. A new study shows that the German national team places unusual trust in natural healing over traditional medicine. 

Soccer is no stranger to strange ideas about how to keep star players from getting hurt. In 1998, then England coach Glenn Hoddle took a faith healer to the World Cup — to no avail, as England lost on penalties to Argentina. Read the rest of this entry »

Peter Hain: Why I’m backing homeopathic campaign

With thanks to WalesOnline and Madeleine Brindley, Western MailJun 18 2012

Peter Hain has spoken of his belief homeopathic medicines should be available alongside conventional treatments in the NHS. The Labour MP for Neath is one of a number of high-profile people to back a new campaign by the British Homeopathic Association. See

It highlights examples of how they and their families have benefited from using homeopathic medicines. Read the rest of this entry »

The Queen relies on homeopathic remedies – congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee, your Majesty!

With thanks to The Mail Online 25.5.12

For her extended foreign tours, the Queen’s luggage can weigh more than four tons — and that includes 60 vials of homeopathic medicines, carried in a special leather case, without which she won’t travel anywhere. She is a firm believer in alternative remedies, preferring them to conventional medicine. She has even  been known to treat one of her corgis homeopathically after the animal  cut its foot. She bathed the wound in a special ointment and the injured paw was healed within days. When she was asked why she used the treatment, she replied: ‘If it’s good enough for me, it should be good enough for my dogs.’ Read the rest of this entry »

Emily’s blog

Emily’s Blog – with thanks to Friends of the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine web site August 2011 

Emily Maguire is an English singer-songwriter and musician. She was involved in a car crash when only 17 and sustained a whiplash injury which triggered a condition that affects the nervous system and results in chronic pain, fibromyalgia. This affected her mobility for many years. In her early 20s she had to give up working and was registered disabled. It was then that she attended the RLHIM. A recent online poll run by The Guardian, asking ‘Should homeopathic treatments be available on the NHS?’ inspired Emily to write on her website about her experience ….

[30.08.11] ‘Should homeopathic treatments be available on the NHS?’ That’s the question asked on The Guardian website today. Apparently most of the evidence in favour of homeopathy is purely anecdotal. This apparently means it can be summarily dismissed.

The reason I’m writing this is because I am an anecdote. Read the rest of this entry »

Debra Stephenson supports Homeopathy Awareness Week

With thanks to Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy 16.6.2011:

Ex-Coronation Street and Bad Girls actress turned Comedienne and impressionist in The Impressions Show, Debra Stephenson, tells us about her childhood, her experiences with homeopathy and her heroines.

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Anne the elephant says goodbye to the circus – with homeopathic care!

With thanks to The Guardian 7.4.11:

Experienced vets are being brought in to make sure she is well but Longleat is also hiring experts in reiki, homeopathy and herbal medicine to see if they can help her arthritis and skin problems.

Anne has a leisurely roll in a pile of sand before spending a good 40 minutes rubbing against assorted metal bars and gates. She pauses to suck up a few stray strands of hay that she sprays over her back. And then she trundles off for a snooze. It is hardly an action-packed day, but after half a century of hard circus graft, Anne the elephant could be forgiven for taking it easy. And, like minders keen to protect a sensitive star, her new keepers at Longleat Safari Park are not going to force her to perform for the cameras. Read the rest of this entry »