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Homeostasis Labs To Showcase New Line of Natural Medicines at Oscar Award Celebrity Gifting Lounge

With thanks to PRWeb 24.2.11:

Homeostasis Labs, a line of homeopathic medicines for 100% natural, safe relief, will be participating in the WOW Creations Celebrity Gifting Lounge taking place in honor of the Oscar Awards, February 24th, 2011 at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills.

At the Oscar Gifting Lounge, Homeostasis Labs will be giving away a sample pack to introduce the celebrities and high-profile attendees to the high quality eco-friendly brand. Each gift pack contains six of the 14 products in the line: Sleep Relief, Stress Relief, Headache Relief, Jet Lag Relief, Weight Loss Relief and Teething Relief.

Putting a modern spin on the time honored practice of homeopathy, Homeostasis Labs products are FDA registered and offer effective relief for many of life’s ailments. The line includes: Allergy Relief, Cold & Cough Relief, Flu Relief, Hang Over Relief, Headache Relief, Jet Lag Relief, PMS Relief, Sleep Relief, Stress Relief, Weight Loss Relief. There is also a children’s line that includes: Teething Relief, Colic Relief, Earache Relief and Cold & Cough Relief.

The packaging is produced using 100% renewable energy (wind power) and in a 100% carbon neutral facility.

The line is currently available in CVS stores throughout the country, as well as online at

Media interested to sample the line should contact, Leesa Raab, leesa(at)adinfinitumny(dot)com, 212.693.2150 x314.

About Homeostasis Labs
Homeostasis Laboratories™ (“Homeostasis Labs™”) was founded by Kenneth M. Corroon to create a greater worldwide awareness of homeopathy and to produce a high quality product that can easily be understood by consumers. Homeostasis Labs™ brings together the best aspects of traditional homeopathic medicine and the progressive virtues of modern 100% all-natural health remedies. For more information, go to

Homeopathy saves show jumper from tendon surgery

With thanks to 9.2.2011:

Keen show jumper and BHS instructor Liz Morrison was very concerned when her horse Todd came in from the field with a thorn embedded in his lower leg.

Todd a 16.3hh part bred Hanoverian show jumper was put on box rest but only part of the thorn could be removed. The leg began to swell and his vet monitored the injury by scanning the leg every two to three days.

Scanning confirmed Liz Morrison’s worst fear; that the thorn interfered with Todd’s tendon. Surgery at this point was suggested but Liz Morrisondecided against it. The situation remained the same over the next ten days and the thorn became engulfed in a cavity as the body reacted to the foreign body and tried to isolate it by healing around it.

At this point Liz Morrison was unsure of the next step so decided to contact homeopathic vet Nick Thompson to see if he had any suggestions. Nick Thompson immediately came over to assess Todd and prepared a homeopathic medicine which included high potency Sulphur and low potency Silica.

The swelling seemed to subside and three days later Todd had has his leg scanned again. The scan left everyone speechless as it revealed that the thorn had completely vanished and the cavity had reduced in size and appeared to be healing!

Said Nick Thompson: “I was delighted to hear the news that Todd had responded so well to the homeopathic medicine and was able to return to full work without any damage to his tendon.”

Added Liz Morrison: “I think it is amazing that the homeopathic medicine eradicated the thorn so quickly, I am so grateful Todd didn’t need surgery and made a full recovery.”

Liz Morrison has since used homeopathic medicine on several of her horses when traditional veterinary medicine is not yielding the desired results.

The British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons (BAHVS) offer a service to animal owners seeking homeopathic help and can supply names and addresses of veterinary surgeons with homeopathic qualifications. For further information please visit

Kate Middleton is considering becoming the patron of a charity for alternative medicine.

With thanks to The Telegraph by Tim Walker. Edited by Richard Eden 22 Jan 2011:

The Prince of Wales has been criticised for his passionate advocacy of alternative health treatments, but he may have found a kindred spirit in his prospective daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Mandrake hears that Prince William’s fiancée is considering becoming the patron of a new charity offering alternative therapies.

Kate Hudson Hall, the co-founder of the charity, Changez, says she has received a letter from Kate confirming her interest. “I am very excited,” she says. “The letter said she was considering us as a charity to support. I am hopeful.”

Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, is already a patron of the organisation, which is based in his Twickenham constituency in south-west London.

Kate Hudson Hall set it up with her fellow trained hypnotherapist Alan Piper after they were overwhelmed by the number of clients who wanted treatment but could not afford it.

The charity aims to offer confidential and impartial support for people experiencing feelings of distress or suffering trauma.

It is intended to become a one-stop shop for people in need of alternative therapy, offering counselling, clinical hypnotherapy and complementary and alternative medicine services. The founders hope to open branches across the country.

A spokesman at St James’s Palace says it is too soon to say which charities will enjoy the patronage of the future princess.

The only charity with which Kate has been actively involved is the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Her family’s mail-order company, Party Pieces, helps organise events for Starlight, which aims to brighten the lives of seriously ill children.

Wren & Rowe launch Archanus – the first European wine produced from grapes grown using 100 percent homeopathic agriculture

Brand consultants Wren & Rowe have developed Archanus label, the first brand of European wine produced from grapes grown using 100 percent homeopathic agriculture.

Tiny amounts of homeopathic product are used to treat fungi and insects. The first experiments were done in the Vinho Verde region, with the first harvest done in 2009, with a very limited number of bottles.

In 2010, new experiments took place in the Alentejo Region of Portugal. The grapes for Archanus Alicante Bouschet were harvested in the September 2010, the wine is now ageing in oak barrels, and it will be launched exclusively onto the Portuguese and Brazilian market in July 2011.

Brand owner, Manuela Ribeiro, sees a great future for homeopathic wines, “This is a new approach to agricultural practice, which I am sure will help to create greater balance in the natural environment.”

Yeo Valley Organic uses Homeopathy

Yeo Valley Organic use alternative treatment for their cows:

The health of our cows is the top priority on our farms. Organic systems – like those followed at Yeo Valley – include a proactive approach to animal welfare and are designed to minimise stress on livestock that might result in illness; the routine use of antibiotics as a preventative measure to treat our cows’ ailments is not permitted.

As a result of this Steve, the Herd Manager on one of our farms began investigating alternative options to the use of antibiotics and began studying a course on homeopathic treatments.

Since then, Steve has been implementing what he has learnt by using homeopathic treatments and remedies to treat his cows for a number of issues, including warding-off flies and easing the cows’ stress levels when having their feet clipped. The treatments have so far proved successful and, unlike with antibiotics, cows don’t build up immunity to these remedies. In fact, they encourage the cows’ immune systems to fight bugs themselves.

The use of homeopathic treatments not only helps to develop a more robust immune system, it also means no withdrawal periods for milk and meat while the animal is being treated, as would be the case when antibiotics are used.

However, this doesn’t mean we completely avoid more conventional treatments; if we need to treat an animal quickly and effectively we will always choose the treatment, either conventional or alternative, that will be most beneficial to the cow to aid its recovery and this may involve antibiotic use.

Steve’s convinced that homeopathic treatments offer a viable, practical option so he continues to favour treating his herd homeopathically whenever appropriate.

Laurel Chiten has fallen in love with homeopathy

With thanks to Debbie Bruck at  1.12.1010 and Laurel Chiten at Blind Dog Films:

Today we will have a special guest, Laurel Chiten, film producer. She has fallen in love with homeopathy and has been in the process of producing a new movie to help create awareness about the power of this form of medicine.

This is an opportunity to ask questions and comment. Let us help her get the word out about homeopathy. The film follows patients going through homeopathic treatment for variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions, including autism, addiction, depression, Parkinson’s, and MRSA.

It also covers recent efforts to bring homeopathic treatment to people in Haiti and the successes homeopathy has already had in Cuba.

Listen ♥ Interview w/Laurel Chiten, BlindDogFilms. Host #HWC #Homeopathy #BlogTalkRadio 12/1/2010 12:00 Noon EST

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Virgin GP surgeries: Sir Richard Branson buys into NHS drop-in group

With thanks to The London Evening Standard 3.3.2010:

Sir Richard Branson today branched into GP healthcare as Virgin bought a controlling stake in an operator of NHS walk-in centres.

Branson will be offering outpatient services, diagnostic procedures and even day care surgery under the NHS — although he will gauge opinion before rebranding centres under the Virgin name.

Richard Branson launches health care business – to include homeopathy

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Britt Ekland enjoys homeopathy

With thanks to MailOnline 21.9.10

Britt Ekland: Not only can I still run up the stairs, I can run up them backwards!

… last year, I visited a homeopath for repeated mouth ulcers. I was told to take selenium to help strengthen my mucous membranes. I also take iron with it, and I feel 110 per cent better.

Helen Bonham Carter and Homeopathy

Helena Bonham Carter (born 26 May 1966) is an English actress.

Helena, who is a fan of homeopathy, would have liked to have had a natural birth with son Billy but when it was all and said and done, the pain won out.

Actress Helena Bonham Carter, 41, is currently seven months pregnant with her second child by director Tim Burton, 49. The couple, who have a four-year-old son Billy-Ray, knew that they wanted more children but didn’t know the struggle that awaited them.

Olivia Newton John uses Homeopathy

With thanks to the MailOnline 1.6.10:

The Grease actress and singer, 61, talks about breast cancer, depression and her love for white toast…

I used homeopathy, acupuncture, yoga and meditation in conjunction with my chemotherapy to help me get stronger again after the cancer. Read the rest of this entry »