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Conquering Kidney Stones: Kirsten’s Story

With thanks to Homeopath Fran Sheffield and her client Kirsten for this story (not to mention the fabulous Homeopathy Heals web site for reporting it):

Kirsten says: ‘… I have suffered from recurring kidney stones since I was 17 years old, and have needed major surgery about every 18 months for my rare disease. I have tried so many different types of treatment, both natural and conventional, and have seen many ‘specialists’ to try to stop the growth of the stones, or at least slow them down. I had actually given up on finding anyone who could help me, I but then heard of a homeopath who was doing amazing things. Although I was very sceptical I thought I would give it one last go. Read the rest of this entry »

Vidatox-30CH from Cuba to treat cancer in China

With thanks to CubaHeadlines 18.11.11:

The drug Vidatox-30CH, innovative and high value for the treatment of cancer is now made in China. The Cuban company Labiofam group, which exists in the Asian country since 1994, has led to propose the drug use in that country.

As its name implies, is a homeopathic product made from the venom of the scorpion Rhopalurus junceus, endemic to Cuba, diluted 30 hundredths, and with demonstrated antitumor effect, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Read the rest of this entry »

Mesothelioma Treatment and Homeopathy

With thanks to

Homeopathy is a non-traditional treatment based on stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself with the help of natural remedies. The principle idea of homeopathy is that a disease can be cured after it is treated with natural substances. Those remedies trigger minor symptoms similar to the disease, and the body then goes to work fighting them off. For example, someone with a cough could be treated with natural medicine that also causes a cough. Homeopathy is about strengthening your immunity to a particular sickness. Hans Burch Gram 1786 – 1840, a Danish-American, is generally credited with bringing homeopathy to the U.S. in the early 1800s.

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Low-calorie diet offers hope of cure for type 2 diabetes

With thanks to Sarah Boseley at The Guardian, Friday 24 June 2011:

British study finds two-month extreme diet can cure type 2 diabetes and overturns assumptions about ‘lifelong’ condition. People who have had obesity-related type 2 diabetes for years have been cured, at least temporarily, by keeping to an extreme, low-calorie, diet for two months, scientists report today.

The discovery, reported by scientists at Newcastle University, overturns previous assumptions about type 2 diabetes, which was thought to be a lifelong illness. Read the rest of this entry »

Homeopathy Worked for Me

Cuba to Release New “Homeopathic” Drug Against Cancer

With thanks to the National Centre for Homeopathy and News of the Restless blogger:

Cuba is ready to release a new “homeopathic” cancer drug to the international market. Marketed as Vidatox, it is the result of work by Cuban biologist, Misael Bordier with the venom of the blue scorpion.

See 25.8.11

NOTE: More detailed information is contained in the following blog, which identifies the source of the remedy (a variety of Rhopalurus junceus scorpion native to eastern Cuba) and its preparation (five protein peptides of low molecular weight extracted from the venom of the scorpion).

The director of research and development at Labiofam, the drug’s manufacturer, says it “has been tested on more than 10,000 cancer patients, some 3,500 of them foreigners, and has shown “positive results”, ranging from “improved quality of life” to “slowed tumor growth”.”

See Homeopathy in Cuba – Gustavo Bracho exclusive interview on the homeopathic prevention of epidemics.

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Homeopathy: A Healthier Way to Treat Depression?

With thanks to Dana Ullman and the Huffington Post 29.9.2010:

Homeopathic Cancer Congress Badenweiler 2009

Homeopathic Cancer Congress Badenweiler 2009Glimpses from the International Homeopathic Cancer Congress

from 25-27 September 2009 in Badenweiler/ Germany.

DVD of the cancer congress

Renowned homeopaths such as A.U. Ramakrishnan, R.S. and Alok Pareek, Dietmar Payrhuber, Patricia Le Roux, Rosina Sonnenschmidt and Harald Knauss, who have specialized in the homeopathic treatment of cancer, passed on their knowledge in the course of this congress in Badenweiler.

Homeopaths came over from all over the world to attend the congress: from Canada, Cuba, Netherlands, India, Italy, UK, Spain, Portugal as well as our neighbours from Switzerland and Austria.

Turning towards homeopathy to treat cancer

University of KarachiWith thanks to The International Times 5.6.09:

Syed Mahboob Alam, a doctor working towards his doctoral degree under the supervision of former Chairman of the University of Karachi (KU) Pharmacognosy Department Dr Mansoor Ahmed, has discovered that various types of cancer could be treated by administering herbal medicines to the patients in the homeopathic system.

It was usually perceived before this research that there was no cure for cancer in allopathic or homeopathic system of medicine.

A Homeopathic History of Cancer

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Homoeopathy Can Also Be Used to Treat Psychological Problems

With thanks to Louise McLean and Natural News 9.11.08

Throughout all the discussions and media attacks on homoeopathy during the last few years, one thing is never mentioned and that is the extraordinary effectiveness of homoeopathic medicines to treat symptoms relating to psychological problems. These include emotional states such as grief, fright, anguish, anger, indignation, guilt, remorse, disappointed love, homesickness, jealousy. Read the rest of this entry »