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Ed & Liz: Homeopathy & The Scientific Adviser

‘Homeopathy works!’

With thanks to Jenny Hope at the Mail Online 29.10.10:

Homeopathy really does work and doctors should recognise its healing effects, say researchers. A study found that allergy sufferers who were given homeopathic treatment were ten times more likely to be cured than those given a dummy pill instead.

Doctors should be more positive about the alternative medicine, which is the only complementary therapy available on the NHS, the researchers said. Read the rest of this entry »

Medical Fundamentalists Prove (again) How They Misinform the Public about Homeopathy…

With thanks to Dana Ullman, MPH, here is another of his striking articles written to protest about spin, bias and yellow journalism:

Medical Fundamentalists Prove (again) How They Misinform the Public about Homeopathy… by Dana Ullman:

The medical fundamentalists (the “denialists”) have again shown their strong propensity to spread misinformation about homeopathy and homeopaths.

On September 7, 2010, Andy Lewis (who arrogantly enough calls himself the “Quackometer”) declared in a headline for his blog: An Obituary: Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, 1849-2010.

Another denier of homeopathy, appropriately called “Gimpy,” provided a little more accuracy in his headline, Farewell to the RLHH, hello to the RLHIM.

However, both “reporters” provided a highly selective interpretation and significantly biased analysis of the re-naming of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital to become the Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine.

This misinformation is akin to creating an obituary for a caterpillar, even though it did not die but simply evolved into a butterfly. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s Behind Ben Goldacre?

Avilian reproduces this very interesting post by John Stone 4.8.10 (UK Editor for Age of Autism) from the Age of Autism website without prejudice:

After years of secrecy on the matter, confirmation has finally come to light that Guardian ‘Bad Science’ journalist Ben Goldacre is the son of Oxford professor of public health  Michael  J Goldacre (HERE).

Prof Goldacre has been director since 1986 of the UK Department Health funded Unit of Healthcare Epidemiology (HERE).  The family relationship is mentioned in a review of Goldacre junior’s Bad Science book in the peer-review journal Medicine, Conflict and Survival (25, p.255-7, 2009)by Dr Ian Fairlie, but there has been a long term lack of candour about the matter.

Read Martin J Walker Cultural Dwarfs and Junk Journalism – against Ben Goldacre

Read more about Evan Harris and his dark dealings

Read about Edzard Ernst Exposed

Read about Quackbusters and what’s in it for them!

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Government defends right to homeopathy on the NHS

With thanks to Ian Quinn at Pulse Today 26.7.10

The Government has strongly rejected demands by MPs for the funding of homeopathy on the NHS to be withdrawn, claiming it would fly in the face of patient choice and local decision-making.

In its response to a report from the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, which issued a damning verdict on the practice and called for GPs to be barred from referring patients under the NHS, the Department of Heath said it would not be stepping in – despite MPs’ concerns over the lack of evidence and regulation of homeopathic treatments.

See New Coalition Government rejects the Science and Technology Commission on homeopathy

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The Medicine War Ethnic cleansing of Homeopathy

With thanks to You Tube:

Beware scientism’s onward march!

With thanks to Lionel Milgrom PhD:

Introducing some concepts

First it is necessary to make a clear distinction between science and scientism. The former might be defined as a continuing effort to increase human knowledge and understanding through observation (with the important proviso that in spite of its more outlandish proposals, post-modernism still serves to warn that objectivity in observation is always conditioned by expectations and past experiences; regardless of the ‘rigour’ of the science). Scientism, on the other hand, [1] is the totally unscientific belief that:-

·      Only scientific knowledge is real knowledge:

·      There is no rational, objective form of inquiry that is not a branch of science:

·      Science is the absolute and only justifiable access to truth. Read the rest of this entry »

The Rachel Maddow of Alternative Health

The Plural of Denial is not Science – see Carboy Olce’s defence of homeopathy

Homeopathy: British Justice or British Bullying?

With thanks to vonsyhomeopath 27.2.10:

Read more about Evan Harris and Phil Willis’s friends in Sense About Science

Read more about what’s behind Ben Goldacre and how Evan Harris is involved behind the scenes

See New Coalition Government rejects the Science and Technology Commission on homeopathy 18.2.2011

As predicted the media produced the expected snow – every national paper, every TV channel ran the story along similar lines: “Homeopathy should not be funded on the NHS, say MPs”.

The Mail and Telegraph ran stories on Sunday night, which was interesting since the Science and Technology Committee were adamant that details of the report should not be released to the public until after 11am Monday.

Bloggers had already written detailed posts directly quoting the report and published them at precisely 11am.


Surely not,

Patients’ Voice Purposefully Excluded From Homeopathy Kangaroo Court

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Homeopathy – the Patient’s Viewpoint

With thanks to the Independent 26.2.10:

“Save NHS homeopathy”, it says. Another poster urges supporters to join a lobby of parliament. Long before MPs from the cross party Commons committee on science and technology gave the thumbs down to homeopathy on Monday, people here knew what was coming. The remedies worked no better than a placebo, the committee said, and the NHS should cease funding.

Read about more scientific research into homeopathy

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