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Homoeopathy to be integrated with healthcare in Uttar Pradesh in India

With thanks to AAJIKhabar Sunday, Sep 16 2012 3:23PM IST: Lucknow: All systems of medicine and healing, including ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, as well as yoga would be integrated in the system in government hospitals and primary health centres across Uttar Pradesh. The programme, officials here told the sources, would be funded under the National Rural Health Mission ( NRHM). 

In the first phase, an official said, yoga and a therapeutic healthcare option would be tested in 27 districts and would later be integrated with a parallel health plan that includes other systems of medicines such as unani, homoeopathy and ayurveda. The project has been allocated Rs.25 crore (sterling equivanent £2,839,029.10), with the money also being utilised to purchase and distribute ayurvedic, unani and homoeopathic medicines. The programme would be available at all government district hospitals, primary health centres (PHCs) and community health centres (CHCs).

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Homeopathic doctors double in two decades in India

With thanks to the Times of India Kounteya Sinha, TNN | Sep 1, 2012, 03.46AM IST:

NEW DELHI: Western countries may find homeopathy “unscientific” and for which dozens of systematic reviews have “failed to produce convincing evidence of effectiveness”. But India continues to see a massive jump in the demand for the 250-year-old system of medicine. India’s registered homeopathic practitioners have more than doubled in two decades — increased from 1.05 lakh in 1980 to 2.46 lakh in 2010. Also, the number of homeopathic hospitals/dispensaries has also increased four fold — from 1,686 in 1980 to about 7,000 in 2010.

NB: A lakh is a unit in the South Asian numbering system equal to one hundred thousand. A crore is a unit in the South Asian numbering system equal to ten million, or 100 lakhs.

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Homeopaths in the US Industry Market Research Report Now Available from IBISWorld

With thanks to Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 18, 2012:

Over the five years to 2012, the Homeopaths industry has grown at a rapid pace, bolstered by increasing consumer acceptance of alternative therapies such as homeopathy.

Defined as the practice of alternative medicine that aims to stimulate the body’s innate healing processes, an estimated 4.8 million people used homeopathy in 2006, according to a 2007 survey (most recent data available) by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). IBISWorld research indicates that these numbers have only grown, with revenue generated by homeopaths projected to increase at an annualized rate of 7.6% to $339.9 million over the past five years, including anticipated growth of 7.2% in 2012 alone, according to IBISWorld industry analyst Anna Son. Read the rest of this entry »

Indian Homeopathic department launches ‘Sadgamaya’ for youngsters

With thanks to The Times of India 10.7.12:

After launching Seethalayam, an exclusive health programme for women, the homoeopathy department in the district has launched yet another health programme, this time aimed at youngsters.

The programme, ‘Sadgamaya’, aims at overall health improvement of youngsters. It offers free treatment and counselling as well as other necessary help to youngsters in need. Read the rest of this entry »

Homeopathy to treat Dengue epidemic in Sri Lanka

With thanks to Lankaweb and Dr. Tilak S. Fernando 5.7.12:

At a time Sri Lanka is gripped with a deadly disease – Dengue fever- and the government and health authorities are scratching their heads engaged in all sorts of operations and cleaning up of the environment and imposing fines on those who allow mosquito to breed in a desperate attempt to combat the disease and save life, Joe de Livera who is the ‘ the Sri Lankan representative for Homeopaths without Borders ’ made an appeal to the President on an effective homeopathic remedy with which he has cured many free of charge. Read the rest of this entry »

Homeopathy to take on Acute Encephalitis Syndrome in Uttar Pradesh?

With thanks to and Mohit Dubey [[email protected]], Lucknow, June 30 2012:

Even as a worried Uttar Pradesh government is combating the outbreak of encephalitis that has claimed 117 lives in the last one month in the eastern part of the state, the Gorakhpur administration is toying with homeopathy and fish to take on the killer disease.

According to highly-placed sources, a ‘hate-ke’ (different) proposal came from the divisional commissioner of Gorakhpur Ravindra Naik, who has sent in a detailed proposal, pitching for introduction of homeopathic treatments in Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES, saying that once cleared by the health department, the initiative could be taken up in a phased manner.  Read the rest of this entry »

Delhi zoo uses alternative medicine to treat animals

With thanks to The Times of India Shreya Roy Chowdhury, TNN Jun 5, 2012, 05.37PM IST

NEW DELHI: It’s not part of the regular treatment but in a pinch, alternative medicine in the form of homeopathy, ayurveda or herbal concoctions, does the trick. And the doctors responsible for animals at the National Zoological Park, Delhi, find, that they sometimes work when allopathy doesn’t. 

“We started using them seven-eight years ago,” says Delhi zoo veterinary officer Paneer Selvam. “We get them wheneve necessity arises.” The zoo’s standard line of treatment is allopathy but whenever a particularly difficult case comes up, Selvam consults practitioners of alternative medicine.

‘About two years ago, one of the Asiatic lions had hind-quarter paralysis. Another one developed the condition some time back. In both cases we first tried with allopathic treatment but when that didn’t work we used homeopathic treatment,” says Selvam, “In my experience, we have got good results.”

A Himalayan black bear that was afflicted with the same condition a year ago and was cured by homeopathy. “Many of the zoo vets prefer to try alternative medicine now,” says Selvam.

One of the first time he tried it was some years ago with an old white tiger with a stone in the urinary bladder. Surgery was too much of a risk for the aged tiger and homeopathy was used instead. But the black herbal concoction, a potent medicine for wounds, Selvam’s been using for a decade. “It is a very good ointment for maggot wounds,” he says.

The zoo doesn’t stock homeopathy or ayurvedic medicines. The vet says that homeopathic courses typically last for about three months and they stock enough for one. The decision to attempt the other lines for treatment isn’t Selvam’s own. Health issues pertaining to animals at the zoo are attended to by a health committee that consists of a team of doctors and meets once in three months.

Homeopathy pills to be given free of cost to prevent dengue fever at Tirumangalam

With thanks to IBN Live PTI | 01:06 PM, Jun 21,2012 and The Hindu 21.6.12:

Homoeopathy pills to prevent dengue fever are being given free of cost at awarenes camps run by Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital at Tirumangalam area here for the past two days, doctors said.

Dr A Gopalakrishnan, College Principal in-charge, head of a team of doctors, said the medicine was being distributed at awareness camps organised at various places, including Goripalayam dargah where 4,502 persons were given the pills.

The team was ready to conduct more camps if there are requests he said. As several parts of south Tamil Nadu have been hit by dengue fever, Government Homeopathic College at Tirumangalam offered to distribute ‘Eupatorium Perfoliatum’ which could prevent dengue, doctors said, adding it had to be taken for three consecutive days.

The first awareness camp was conducted in the Government Rajaji Hospital here on June 14 when 1,100 students received the medicine.

Madhya Pradesh government to launch campaign to prevent malaria in Sidhi district from June 15 2012

With thanks to The Times of India Jun 14, 2012, 09.36PM IST

BHOPAL: The AYUSH Department of Madhya Pradesh government is launching a widespread campaign from June 15 with the objective of preventing recurrence of malaria outbreak like last year in Sidhi district.
Under the campaign launched by the state government, homeopathic medicines will be administered door-to-door. The decision to distribute homeopathic was taken as it has provided effective in prevention of malaria.

Amma Resonance Healing Foundation

With thanks to Amma Resonance Healing Foundation

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The ARHF promotes the development of healing through resonance. Healing by resonance is based on the universal law that information similar to the nature of a disease and its totality of symptoms can induce a self-healing response in the diseased individual.

Healing by resonance is considered to become increasingly important as it acknowledges and strengthens the potential for self-healing in the individual, and is based on understanding the role diseases play in the collective as well as the individual; the awareness that fighting disease, besides creating undesired side-effects, in the long run creates more serious diseases by suppressing the role and purpose of the disease, which is neither understood nor addressed. Read the rest of this entry »